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Don't Fear Mold! We Can Solve Your Mold Problems Quickly, & Safely

Let Mold Solutions NW help you treat existing mold growth or better yet, prevent mold right from the beginning stages of construction of your new home!

If you have a mold problem, get Mold Solutions. Our experienced mold remediation technicians will rid your home or commercial property safely of mold and ensure it doesn’t come back. We specialize in residential mold remediation and commercial mold remediation and prevention. We are different because this is all we do, and we are darn good at it. Get Mold Solutions…so you can breathe easy!

Mold Solutions Northwest uses Microbe Guard, a permanent, surface-modifying treatment that, once applied to a product, creates a new surface. This surface is permanently resistant to microbial attack.

Mold Solutions NW is a full service mold solutions provider. We will do a complete and thorough inspection to identify potential mold problems. We are experts at removing any threats. We will then treat your building in a safe and precise manner. We then apply a safe preventative solution to eliminate any future mold occurrence, guaranteed!

We also Guarantee that our mold removal, and mold abatement applications are safe and effective.

We serve clients residing throughout the greater Puget Sound area, so if you have a mold problem and you need help, click here for a free consultation

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Mold Solutions

For mold abatement Seattle, and all surrounding areas, we are the trusted choice. We offer mold remediation, mold removal, mold inspection, and mold prevention. Contact us today to solve your mold problem.

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“Peter came quickly to give us his expertise in our basement bathroom area.”

~Lulu A.


Their team does excellent work and is very thorough.

~Nick Loveless


Very professional, prompt, kind workers who treated us with respect.

~Kathryn Strobel


“My experience with Peter from Mold Solutions has been great.”

~Susan Ferrell


Availed of Mold Solutions NW services and I am very – very- pleased with the results!

~Mauro Rizzi


Mold Solutions NW is my go-to vendor for anything remotely related to mold.

~Dhilip Gopalakrishnan

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