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Our Commercial Mold Remediation techniques are safe and effective – guaranteed!

Do you have mold in your office or place of business? Don’t simply ignore the mold and its hazardous health consequences. Commercial Mold Remediation by Mold Solutions will eliminate your mold problem once and for all. While mold can often go undetected for long periods of time, and can grow in nearly any location, our proven commercial mold remediation techniques are guaranteed effective. Our commercial property mold remediation solutions allow you to focus on your business, and stop worrying about the mold in your business.

Do you think you have mold growing in your business? Call us today to a complimentary commercial mold remediation consultation. Our commercial mold remediation process follows all IICRC guidelines, and will permanently eliminate even the hidden mold issues.

  1. Mold Inspection

    One of our certified mold inspectors will come to your business and inspect every area, looking for areas that have mold or favorable conditions for mold. If there is mold found in the building, then you will receive a detailed commercial mold remediation proposal to approve.

  2. Mold Area Containment

    Our commercial mold remediation service includes isolating the workspace completely using thick poly plastic sheeting that is sealed with tape. We use HEPA air scrubbers to prevent cross contamination of nearby areas by generating negative air pressure. This allows the rest of the space to continue being used while the treatment is being applied. We also continue to run the HEPA air scrubbers throughout the entire commercial mold remediation process, eliminating any possible airborne mold.

  3. Commercial Mold Remediation Process

    We use the Duraban’s family exclusively to treat any contaminated surfaces. Our commercial mold remediation includes the use of quaternary ammonium that is EPA-registered for any surface that could have been contaminated by mold. Dark mold stains that are revealed in the commercial mold remediation process are treated using MMR, a commercial-grade mold stain remover. MMR will penetrate the stained surfaces and eliminate the stains almost instantly.

  4. Removal of Damaged Items and Materials

    If there are any materials that we are unable to sterilize through our commercial mold remediation process, we will remove and discard them. These materials such as drywall, carpeting, and cabinetry, along with smaller materials such as insulation and debris, will be removed and discarded as part of the commercial mold remediation.

  5. Job site Cleanup and HEPA Vacuum

    We use HEPA vacuums to clean up the affected areas after the commercial mold remediation. Our technicians have been trained to specifically search in otherwise unnoticed areas for dirt and debris. Special attention is always given during the commercial mold remediation treatment to exterior wall cavities where water has the opportunity to be introduced.

  6. Anti-Microbial Preventative Application

    Our final step in the commercial mold remediation process is to apply an EPA-registered microbial treatment to any areas that had been affected by mold. This non-toxic, water-based product is effective at protecting against mold.

  7. Final Inspection

    Once all of the commercial mold remediation work is done, we will conduct a very thorough inspection. Our certified technicians will remove any plastic barriers, signage, tape, and any other materials that they brought for the commercial mold remediation.

If you are in need of commercial mold remediation, you have come to the right place! Give us a call today to get started with your free inspection or fill out our easy-to-use form along the right.

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