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In Seattle’s famously wet climate, mold is a common concern and challenge. While no one wants mold in their home, many don’t realize just how dangerous it can be. Mold isn’t just a threat to the health of people and pets. As it grows, it can even damage the structural integrity of a building, eating away at floors, ceilings and even the foundations or a home or business.

This is why mold inspection and testing is so important for Seattle residents and why it’s important to contact a mold expert to get your residence or place of business thoroughly checked. You should always strive to hire the best services for mold inspection Seattle has to offer. Start with Mold Solutions if you already know mold is a problem. Otherwise, keep on reading.

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Why Mold is Such a Huge Issue in Seattle

Mold doesn’t just cause illness and allergic reactions for those who inhale the spores, it also wears away at any material it’s found on. This means the beams, walls, ceilings, floors, even the very foundations that your home is built on might be decaying due to the mold found on them.

Though mold is seen in all climates, regions with large amounts of moisture in the air, such as the Pacific Northwest, are certainly more prone to mold problems. Seattle residents are no strangers to mold and the dangers that it can pose.

What Can A Mold Inspection Expert Do For You?

Don’t get overwhelmed if you suspect you have a mold problem. Though finding mold is alarming, there are plenty of options available to those who own a home or business in Seattle and want to get rid of mold.

Even a severe problem can be mitigated if you work with the experts at Mold Solutions NW, who are experienced dealing with a range of mold-related issues and concerns.

An inspection is the first step in addressing mold. It’s important to take this step before any other so that you can understand the true extent of mold growth in your home or business. The problem may not be as bad as it at first seems and the solution could be simpler than you expect. Don’t jump to conclusions before having an expert inspector analyze the trouble spots in your home or business and give you their assessment and advice.

During an investigation, inspectors can locate mold and tell you exactly how severe the issue is currently. They can root out all the places where mold is trying to hide so you never have to worry about missing spores that will try to grow back later. You may not even realize some of the nooks and crannies where mold is trying to hide.

The spots most people would overlook are exactly the places where mold likes to grow.

In addition, any areas where an inspector finds cracks or leaks may cause them concern. Areas where moisture can sneak into a structure are some of the best places for mold to take hold and many tiny cracks or minor leaks are easily overlooked by the occupants of the building.

Our inspectors at Mold Solutions NW won’t leave anything unchecked, though. They know these sneaky trouble spots and what to look for when they discover them.

There are multiple benefits to hiring a professional to inspect your home or business for mold, including:

  • A professional survey of potential areas for future mold problems

  • A review of potential problem areas for current mold problems

  • An initial analysis of current mold levels throughout the building

  • A review of possible mold removal and remediation needs

  • Personalized advice regarding mold prevention that is tailored to your unique situation

When you get a mold inspection done, a professional will go through your home or business with a fine toothed comb hunting for growths. They’ll be looking for a number of factors and signs that point to current mold and mildew problems, as well as checking carefully for potential trouble spots where mold may grow in the future. With this inspection you’ll be well informed of what your current mold situation is, if you need to take any further action, and what possible steps are open to you to address problems.

What Mold Solutions NW Has To Offer

Understanding your needs and options is critical when dealing with a mold growth problem in your home or business. We take the time to inform you about what we’re doing and what you can expect from us. At Mold Solutions we treat problems with care because we understand how much of an impact they can have on your home, business and life.

You may even qualify for a FREE home inspection from us. Please fill out our contact form above to see if you are eligible.

When we perform a mold inspection service we do so with the understanding that the people of Seattle have busy lives to live and things to do. We know that you don’t have the time or money to waste on excess work or careless mishaps.

Our testing and inspection procedures are thorough, and our experts will work diligently to ensure that your home or business is a kept free of contamination during the inspection. We’ll provide a professional experience where we walk you through the process and inform you about the results and all of your options.

We take extra care not to allow spores in an affected area to escape and contaminate other areas of the building, and we always clean up any dirt or debris caused by our work. Our commitment to quality work is as strong as our commitment to completely eliminating any mold we find.

What Can You Expect During Inspection & Testing?

During our testing and inspections we focus on the places where mold is mostly likely to grow, which would be damp, dark, and/or low traffic areas.

what to expect during mold testing and inspections

Testing Methodology

The first area we’ll focus on will be potential moisture spots, as mold requires moisture in order to grow. There are a number of possible areas in a home or business where you might find such spots, including around pipes, windows, door frames, air conditioning units, refrigerators and more. It is even worse if these areas are dark and secluded.


A pipe in a basement can be a perfect breeding ground for mold. If moisture builds up around the pipe and the basement is usually left dark and ignored, mold can grow without any hindrances.

These trouble spots allow mold to not only gain a foothold, but also spread to other areas, as the spores can travel in the air without residents even noticing until it is too late.

How We Handle Mold Testing And Inspection in the Seattle Area

In regions with large amounts of rain and moisture in the air, such as Seattle and the broader Pacific Northwest area, outer walls, openings in the ceiling, and areas around the outside of the foundation are also key inspection locations. We love the Pacific Northwest as much as you and understand the specific challenges that come with dealing with mold here.

Our inspectors appreciate that the area and ground are often very wet here for most of the year and know how to root out sneaky mold trying to creep in from outside. Outdoor mold may not seem like as big of an issue as mold that’s growing inside, but many mold issues actually start outside the building. All it takes is a tiny crack or small hole somewhere and that mold can get indoors and start growing elsewhere.

Therefore, our first goal is to take a close look at these common problem areas inside and outside the building and see if your home or business has any growth in those spots. By taking a comprehensive look at the whole picture, rather than just analyzing the obvious spots inside the home, we believe our inspections are more thorough and can find any and all signs of trouble.

If we do find any indications of a problem then the next step would be for us to estimate how far reaching the problem is and what course of action is required to ensure that the mold is brought back under control. Sometimes this answer is obvious, but often it is more complicated a picture than you may suspect.

Fortunately, our experienced inspectors understand how to assess the bigger picture to get an in-depth view of the issues.

Their recommendations take into account not just the immediate problem but how to stomp out future issues before they can even begin. We don’t just want to solve your mold problem now – we want to solve it for good.

Should we catch the mold early enough then this process will be quick and easy for all involved. Several mold problems can be solved swiftly and painlessly if they are spotted early on, before the mold can cause damage or spread to other areas. This is the best-cause scenario for everyone.

Finding Hidden and Dormant Mold

However, mold loves to hide from view and as such can be a far more extensive problem than initially feared. It is unfortunate that mold has such a keen ability to spread before it is even detected, but even in these cases remediation is possible.

Often, though, mold that has been able to grow unmolested will have caused significant damage by the time it is caught by you or an inspector. In these cases, we have a range of comprehensive remediation options available that can kill off even a far-reaching growth that has found its way into walls, floors and foundations to cause damage and perhaps even illness.

Sometimes in our inspections we do not find any troubling signs of mold or growth in the building we are examining. That’s great news, but in such cases we will be just as thorough. If we don’t find mold, we’ll let you know and inform you of any places where mold could later become an issue.

mold testing under microscope

No one is immune to mold, so it is possible that even if you don’t have a current mold problem, one could come up in the future. If you are likely to experience a mold issue, we are happy to warn you ahead of time to save you stress and worry. Plus, Mold Solutions NW can offer services that will prevent mold from ever appearing in locations we target as likely growth spots. You can breathe easy knowing you will never have mold after these services.

We’re so confident in all of these services that we are able to offer a 10-year guarantee to go along with them. Our approach to inspection, prevention and remediation involves the use of antimicrobial chemicals that coat and defend surfaces against mold and mildew and will keep your home or office mold and worry free for years to come.

Investing In Mold Inspections And Mold Testing

You know your home or business, and we know our mold. We’re able to work with you to find the places that have the highest risk of mold and to create a plan that fits your needs without any extra work or costs. Our goal is to ensure that you have your mold-related needs met without breaking your budget. We won’t waste your money or your time during our inspection and remediation process.

And when you get a mold inspection done you’re not just checking that there’s no mold present right now, you’re also future-proofing your home or business. Mold left unchecked now can be a major headache in the future. We want to stomp it out before it starts, saving you frustration and exasperation from an overlooked crook or corner.

By working with us at Mold Solutions NW for your Seattle mold inspection and testing needs you’ll be working with a team of experts who care about solving your mold problems once and for all. We won’t stop until both us and you are positive that mold won’t harm you, your loved ones or the integrity of your home or business.

Our mold testing and inspection services are designed to leave you feeling confident and secure. We not only find the obvious signs of mold growth, we also look deeper to uncover places where mold is hiding or may try to grow in the future. And we do more than just kill mold – we lock it out forever so it’ll never come back.

Reach out to us at 425-888-3332 to set up an appointment to have your home or business inspected and tested for mold.

Mold Solutions NW – We’ll always strive to do the right thing.


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